The Skylar Story

If you were to have asked me if I am searching for the right one, my answer would probably be a big “NO!” Instead of simply looking for the “right one” let’s just say that I am waiting until the nighttime decides to let him step into the light of my world. I know, it sounds crazy or like I am a hopeless romantic. well, maybe, I am… a little. A small part of me believes that no matter how extraordinary you think love is, people will still hurt you. Someone out there is probably “making some changes” in his life, just for me to accept him whole-heartedly. The problem with this type of thinking is that the other person can be deceived. He might regret those changes that he made because its not who he truly is. A person should just stay who they are or make the changes for themselves. In my case, it’s just a matter of perfect timing for me and I’m not willing to settle for less. I’ve been “making some changes” in my life about my insecurities about love, which has me unsure if any man might want me at this stage of life. However, everything has changed since I met Adrian. I remember the day we met like I lived it yesterday. I was so intimidated by his confidence and boldness. Then, I noticed how genuinely kind he was. I was afraid he was too good to be true. I saw all those women that wanted him, and I felt so blessed that he chose me; everything moved so fast. Who knew that within 3 weeks we would be here today? It was like love at first sight, but I always believe that the people we love, we have loved in our past: different name, same game. They always give the impression that love is what they want and I really thought you were different. I remember bragging to my best friend, Michelle, and her telling me she “was so happy for me”. You know, I found it strange how y’all lived in the same building but never saw each other beforehand. I never thought too much of it. Now she has a secret man, and she wasn’t ready to tell me about him yet, because she didn’t want to “jinx” it but I should have known it was too good to be true. As I stand here hands shaking uncontrollably trying to brace myself for what I was about to do.

“Skylar baby please put the gun down. Lets talk about this. It’s not what it looks like.” Adrian said reaching for his pants. I looked at his naked body and became mad again. All I could think was he really put his penis in my friend. Before I knew it the gun went off. Without even realizing my aim had switched from his head to his genitals. His face froze instantly but he was still breathing. Michelle was now screaming in terror pleading for me to stop. I moved my aim to his head and pulled the trigger once again. When his stomach stopped moving I pulled two more bullets out my purse and threw it in the corner. My white tank top was now covered in sweat, make up and blood splatter. Unfortunately, Michelle was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was going to have to suffer as well. I reloaded my gun and aimed at her. She too did me dirty by sleeping with my man, even after I gave her a job. Women like her made me sick; so one bullet was reserved for her. After watching her cry and plead for five minutes then I pulled the trigger. Blue and red lights were now glowing through the window and the sound of sirens pierced my ears. I wiped my as thoughts of losing myself in a man and this fallacy called love brought the gun closer to my head. I looked at the mess in front of me counted to three and then pulled the trigger.

AmeriKan Dream part 2:

“How are you feeling?” the Doctor asked. Feeling lost and too weak to answer, I just nodded. “You suffered from head trauma when you were shot in your back, and you hit your head. Luckily, the bullet missed your spine by a few inches. I just need to check your vital signs to make sure everything is fine”. How long have I been in here? I asked. “You’ve been here since January,” replied the Doctor. What month is it? I asked. “It’s December” the Doctor replied. “December! You have to be joking!” yelled Bristol. “I have to get out of here I have a business to run” I said. “Don’t worry, we’re just waiting for some test results to come back. If everything looks good then you should be out of here by 3 weeks, until then less stress, more rest” said the Doctor, walking out the room. Growing impatient, I decided to sneak out, so I grabbed my clothes. While leaving the room, I saw a staircase so; I maneuvered my way to it without being seen by the nurses and doctors. Getting to the first bus stop I seen, all I could think was “How could this shit happen?” I should have known when Bone said Hector changed locations; he never changes how he does business. I have to get to the house so I can figure this shit out. Getting off the bus, I walk up to the door and rang the doorbell. When she answered the door, her face was in a shock as this guy emerged from behind her “Can I help you?” he asked, “Who the hell is he?” I replied looking at Jane “I’m her boyfriend Todd”. I then punched him knocking him to the floor. “What the hell is going on?” Yells Todd as he gets up. “That was a cheap shot“. “I think you should leave for now I’ll call you later Todd “ Jane said. “ Are you serious? Whatever just call me later, ok?” Said Todd as he reaches to give her a kiss but she turns her head “Oh it’s like that? Ok” Todd said walking away. Jane closes the door as I stepped in, “I see you move on quickly,” I said. “I thought you were dead” she stated, “Why are you here anyway?” She asked. “I need my safe storage key. I know you got it. Where is it?” She goes in to her bedroom to get the key. I knew by the way she was behaving, that she was either involved, or had knowledge of what happened. “So why weren’t you at the hospital Jane?” I asked, as I grabbed this knife sitting on the table. “Like I said I thought you were dead,” she said to me. I asked her “So you didn’t think to come to the hospital to see if I was”. “No”, she said nervously handing me the key. I pulled her in close as I grinned and kissed her. “I can forgive a lot of things but, what I can’t do is let myself trust someone who lies to me” I said stabbing her. Her blood started dripping to the floor hundreds of drops, like a red rain of death her legs began to give in, I let her go as she dropped to the floor. I cleaned up the mess and wrapped her body to get rid of it. The next day I got up early to dump the body and to dig up the safe containing $25,000, I had buried in case something happened. This should keep me afloat for the time being. Next, I went to the car wash to get the smell of Jane’s body out of the car. Walking in the car wash, I notice the manager arguing with one of his employees. “Damn kid where the hell you been? I’ve been calling your phone for about 20 minutes now!” said Andy the manager. “I’m sorry Andy. Man I got into a little situation” said Chris. “This is the third time this week. I’m sorry, I’m going to have to let you go,” said Andy walking off. “What the hell? I was only 5 minutes past grace” said Chris furiously. He noticed I was watching from a far. “What the hell you looking at?” he asked, as he walks out of the car wash. I followed after him. “Hey man,” I said stopping him “What’s up?” Chris responded. “I had seen what happened in there. If you ever want to make some real money I got a job for you” Oh yeah what’s the job?” he asked. I said “Let’s exchange numbers I’ll call you with the details”. Chris replied “Ok cool”. On his way home, Chris ran into some guys from a rival neighborhood. “Damn I don’t have time for this,” he said as he locked eyes with the two men. They proceed by disrespecting him with gang signs; he then gets out to confront the two men, but they pulled out guns, and fired at Chris so he runs back to the car to avoid the gun fire. “Damn I can’t keep living like this” he says as he starts his car and drove off, but the two men cut Chris off as he tries to make a turn, but runs into a curve. Later that day Chris, was laying in his bed with his hands behind his head thinking while looking up at the ceiling, when suddenly he gets a knock at the door. It’s Rico his friend from the neighborhood,”Wassup homie” says Rico, as Chris opens the door “Ain’t shit, what’s good?” “I heard what happened at the shop,” Rico said laughing. “Man fuck that nigga he was on some more shit I was like 10 minutes late.” “Yeah, but don’t even worry about it. I came to talk to you about some business anyways” says Rico as he pulls out a marijuana joint and lights it. “What it’s looking like?” Says Chris as Rico passes him the joint. “I got this chick on the south side, her daddy fuck with them valley niggas. She said that nigga got 9 ounces of some dope and 2 AK’s.” “Why you fucking with them south side hoes especially them bitches on the valley you know we don’t fuck with them, and how you plan on getting this shit?” Says Chris. “Man don’t worry about all of that everything is green, she want me to come over later on tonight her daddy go to the J like around eight o’clock. I just need to know if you down? Says Rico “Nigga I’m down I’m just not for the crash dummy shit.” Says Chris handing the joint back. “Bro you know you good with me.” “Man come back through later on bro” said Chris.

A few hours later Rico knocks at the door. “You ready or you gone pussy out on me?” Says Rico.”Nigga lets go” said Chris “Ok bet my sister let me use her van said Rico. “Let me drive said Chris” Rico gives him the keys and both get in the car, as they pulled up to the girls house they made sure to stay low profiled and out of the sight of rival gang members.” Ok look I’m about to go in I ‘ma text you when it’s good”. Rico says as he gets out of the van, heads to the front door, and rings the doorbell.

” Hey baby come in, lock the door behind you,” The girl says as she opens the door.

“Ok” says Rico locking door then unlocks it when Nina walks towards the room. Chris gets a text from Rico letting him know it’s good to come in, and where everything was. He then gets out walked inside the house quietly as possible, while walking to Nina’s dad’s room he over hears Rico and Nina having sex and starts laughing as he goes in to the room. Chris opens the closet, and spots the 9 oz’s, and guns Rico was talking about also a bag with $5000 inside. He then puts the dope in the bag with the money, grabs the guns, and heads out the door. As he puts the bag in the car, he notices a red van pulling up in the front yard. He then gets in and text Rico. Rico putting his clothes back on receives the text “Oh shit your daddy here” he yells “Why you say that?” Nina asked while lying in the bed “I think I seen him pull up”, Rico looks out the bedroom window “Isn’t that him? Said Rico. “That is him Ok look just chill. When he goes in the garage go out the window” she said. “Nina! Why the fuck my door open?” Her dad yells. Rico opens, jumps out of the window, and runs to the van then gets in. “Damn you almost got your ass caught.” Says Chris speeding away. Fuck all that did you get the shit? “ Says Rico “Hell yeah, bro and the nigga had 5 racks in a duffel”

“Ah shit my nigga let’s get this money.” They celebrated, drove off, and headed back to the neighborhood…To be continued