AmeriKan Dream part 1:

American Dream2

The smell of the body was starting to get to Bone as we drove down the highway; the car reeked of fresh blood and sewer leakage. Bone ran into a pothole and flattened the driver side tire. “Dammit! Bristol, I think we have a flat,” yelled Bone “Don’t tell me that shit! That’s the last thing I needed to hear” I said. “I think we have a spare in the back hopefully,” said Bone pulling over. I rushed to the trunk to grab the jack and spare. All of sudden I saw bright lights flashing behind me. “Shit the cops!” yells Bone, as I shut the trunk. Two cops got out the car with their hands on their guns. “You guys alright, “one of them said as they walked up. “ Yea everything is fine just a flat, officer.” “Show me some Identification please,” One officer said. No problem sir here you go. One officer grabbed the ID’s and ran them then came back whispered to the other officer looked at each other suspiciously, and pulled out their guns walking back towards the car. “Driver, I need you to reach for the handle slow and open the door,” the Officer said. “Passenger, do not fucking move or you will be next in handcuffs,” One officer said. “Officer what’s the problem we were just changing our flat”, He said. The wrong asshole, apparently your friend here has a warrant out for his arrest. So legally, I can do what I want and since your being a smart ass I need to see what’s inside the trunk?” “Sure, go ahead,” I said. The officer walked toward the trunk when suddenly, they received a call “Officer down, officer down 10-85!” “10-4 in route. Looks like God was with you ladies today we have more important shit to handle, stay out of trouble one officer said “That was close let us change this shit and get the hell out of here,” said Bone. Back on the road, we were still looking for a secured place to dump the body, my head was still baffled by what just happened, and tonight in a whole was one I’ll never forget. All, of a sudden red, spotted a wooded area we pulled over, got out, grabbed the shovels, and started digging. “Let’s get the bastard buried so I can get home to wifey,” I said. “Don’t forget about the deal in the morning with Hector?” said Bone. “Oh, yea I almost forgot, man I’m getting fed up with this guy,” I said. “Yea (laughing) I” might just get rid of his ass,” said Bone. ” You see what you got us into tonight,” I said, and you don’t want to fuck with the Colombians trust me. I pulled out my phone and had 20 missed calls from my girl Jane. “You still messing with Jane psycho ass I see,” said Bone. “Yea she not going, nowhere,” I said. “That’s your problem you to busy chasing these women instead of money,” said Bone. “Whatever just grab the damn body,” I said. We ended up getting away that day leaving no trace that’s just how Bone and I operated we were going to get the job done no matter what and eliminate anyone who steps in our way. Later that night we decided to go to the dollhouse to blow off some steam. I ended up leaving with my regular that night and ended up making it home late. I crept into to bed without Jane noticing, well I thought I did. A few hours later I hear “Oh yeah bitch!” said Jane, as she slaps me out of my sleep with my phone in her hand I knew it had to be serious from the rage in her eyes. “What the fuck Jane!? ” I said Jumping out of bed. “What’s up with all these hoes in your fucking phone”? She said angrily. ” You worried about the wrong shit,” I said as I snatched the phone from her hand, “What the fuck are you going through my phone for anyway?” she tried to slap me again, but I saw it coming I took a step back and grabbed her arm but somehow she slaps me with her other hand. ” I’m getting tired of you just get your shit and go,” Jane said crying. In the middle of the argument, my phone rings. “Let me guess it’s one of your hoes”? Said Jane “Chill its business, hello? “What the hell are you doing”? “I’m outside I told you I’ll be here at 12 Bristol,” said Bone “Oh shit I forgot we had to do that I’m getting ready now” Jane looks at me with a disappointing stare” Where the fuck you think you going?” “I got to go make a drop real quick, I’ll be back,” I said. “A drop? “ See that’s the shit I’m talking about every time shit gets heated between us something always comes up,” said Jane. You knew the type of lifestyle I lived before you got with me I said. “you think I care about your lifestyle? and you’re not going anywhere,” she said. “How do you think the bills get paid, I don’t have time for your shit right now,” I said. I walked to the closet to get dressed and got ready to leave. “When you get back we must talk about our situation,” Said Jane. “Yea we do I feel bad about what happened, I love you, I’ll make it up to you I promise babe,” I said walking out the door. You say that every time, nothing has changed “I need actions, not promises Bristol” said, Jane as I walked out the door. “Change of plans the connect said we are meeting at a new location,” said Bone “The fuck for?” I said. “I don’t know he was acting weird when I talked to him,” said Bone. “I can’t put my finger on it, but I got a bad feeling about this guy Bone,” I said. Stop being a pussy said, Bone. All of sudden his phone rings” speaking of the devil this him now” said Bone. “We are on the way now be there in about 15min.” “What did he say?” I asked. “He told me to make it 10min, I don’t know what’s his problem talking to me crazy, I got something for his ass though but anyways whatever happened with you and that bitch from last night?” said Bone.” I took her to this motel and blew her back out and she sent me nudes this morning Jane got on my ass bro” I said laughing. “You stay getting caught up, ” said Bone we both laugh then Bone turned the radio up as we headed to our destination. I felt a little funny like something wasn’t right. That drive on the way to the deal I didn’t know what it was, but I had a bad feeling in my gut like it’s a setup and every time I get this feeling I’m right. When we arrived, the Colombians were standing outside looking pissed. Where’s the product? Said, Hector, as we walked up I threw a duffel bag with 4 kilos of cocaine. “Where’s the money?” said Bone Hector looked at one of his men holding a suitcase as a sign to hand over the money “I still don’t understand why we had to change locations,” says Hector I thought Hector wanted to change locations I said to myself confusingly. When all of a sudden, four motorcycles pull up and kills Hector and his comrades, Bone and I both got hit suddenly a black SUV pulls up some guy gets out, pick Bone up and put him in the back of the SUV. “He’s waking up!” I heard a lady’s voice said as the vision cleared. I was in a bed in what clearly looked like a hospital. When I awoke I didn’t feel normal it wasn’t like waking up in the morning, in fact, it didn’t feel like it had been over a year. I was weaker and confused. Damn Bone… To be continued

38 thoughts on “AmeriKan Dream part 1:

  1. Very creative story and definitely intense. The cliffhanger at the end definitely leaves the reader wanting more with so many questions to ask. Great Job!

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  2. Hell of excitement n tensity. I liked it bro i think you should start working on part two now so we can read it !: i feel your on to something pretty cool here brother 💯👏🏾💯🙌🏾

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  3. I’m going to need to know what happens next immediately! #Hahahaha Good read I hope it was a bad dream. Why Bone do Jane like that. #GetThatTogether treat your wife right. #Hugs

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  4. One hell of a story! I was able to visualize everything! Very well detailed! Your definitely on to something here! . . . it starts now! Keep doing what your doing! This isn’t for everybody but it’s definitetly for you! Can’t wait for more !

    Liked by 1 person

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