Teacher Secret Part 1

Leaving my apartment I set out into the city “I am finally here” I thought to myself I was so excited about what was to come new city new job and new opportunities. I was finally living my dream as a high school teacher in New York. As I walk down the streets of Manhattan trying to find something to kill my hunger I noticed a restaurant called the sub-train. Walking in I was quickly seated by the host and ordered a roast beef sandwich. After a while my food finally arrived I started to devour my sandwich I barely looked up. But then I heard a giggle, and then I turned my head for a brief moment and noticed a beautiful woman. She had a cheerful but childish laugh. “You have something on your lip mind if I help?” she asked as she wiped the food off, she could barely sit still due to her childlike giggles. “There you go all better I’m Jasmine by the way and you are?” she asked, “David, my name is David” I responded. “Nice to meet you David you’re not from around here, are you? She asked as she sits next to me. “No, how’d you know?” I asked. “Because people usually don’t order the roast beef sandwich it’s not exactly been the owners are said to use dog meat,” she whispered. I suddenly felt the need to barf. “Oh relax I’m just joking,” she says hysterically laughing. “Very funny,” I said sarcastically. “But I asked because I’ve never seen you around before,” she said. “I just moved here got a new job, what about you what do you do for a living?” I asked. “I’m actually in college I’m out for the summer,” she says as her phone rings she hesitates before deciding to answer it “hello, hey yeah I’m on the way now okay. I’m sorry I have to go but it was nice meeting you again David,” she said as she gets up and walks out of the restaurant. I stayed there for a few minutes before deciding to leave myself, as I walked out I noticed she was standing at a bus stop nearby with a look of frustration I get in my car and pull next to her. “Is everything all right?” I asked. “I don’t have enough bus fare to get home but hopefully the bus driver is nice enough to let me on.” She said. “Well I could give you a ride,” I said. “I don’t know I usually don’t get into a car with strangers” Jasmine responded with a sarcastic smile on her face. “I promise I won’t bite” I responded. Jasmine looked around at her surroundings and decided to take my offer. “All right let’s go,” she said getting in the car. The car ride was very quiet minus the radio playing in the background as we pulled up at a stoplight a notification starts to ring off on my phone. “Oh, I forgot Max,” I said. “Who is Max?” She asked curiously. “The German Shepherd I have to feed him one time if I don’t he’ll tear my apartment up do you mind if I stop and feed him my apartment is just right here”. “No I don’t mind” she responded. Arriving at my apartment, I put the car into the park without turning the car off “I’ll be right back” I said getting out of the car. As I get into my apartment I noticed Max had already started to wreak havoc on the place I could tell he was hungry by the way his tail was wagging. Then I hear the front door open, and unfortunately so do Max. “Oh my God” screamed Jasmine as Max runs and jumps on her. “Max! Get down” I yelled. “I just needed to use the restroom,” Jasmine explained. Oh no you’re fine it’s down the hall to the left she smiled and preceded to the restroom. I wait a couple of minutes and then she finally comes out, with a towel wrapped around her. I was confusingly shocked at what I was witnessing she then walks over to me grab my hand, and brought it under the towel. My hand felt the warmth of her vagina. It was deep, warm, and very wet. She then takes off the towel unzips my pants, took out my penis, and put it in her mouth. I tried to move, but it felt as if invisible threads tied down my body. She took off my jacket, my tie, my pants, my shirt, my underwear, and made me lie down on the couch. Then she mounted me and used her hand to slip me inside her. Once she had me deep inside, she began a slow rotation of her hips. My erection grew larger and harder. I felt I was about to burst wide open. It was something that went beyond simple sexual pleasure. Once we were done we cleaned up and I dropped her off at home. “Well it was nice getting to know you David,” she said smiley as she gets out the car and goes inside her house. I didn’t see her for the rest of the summer. A few weeks later school started and I was excited to begin shaping the minds of the youth. Unfortunately, on my first day, I was late and a sub had to had to fill in. Once I arrived I relieved the sub, thankfully I wasn’t that late. “Alright class my name is Mr. David, welcome to geometry I hope to have a great school year,” I said writing my name on the Whiteboard. The class was very rowdy I can tell that I wasn’t the only one excited about the first day of school I started to calm them down to get started on the agenda as I noticed a childlike laugh that I’ve heard before as I gaze to my left. Jasmine and I locked eyes as her mouth drops open; I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. To be continued…

2 thoughts on “Teacher Secret Part 1

  1. Wow, want to read more because I wonder how long they will be able to keep their secret and he can’t be to old probably in his early 20’s. By reading this it sound like it’s going to be a great book thanks for the read. Keep up the great work as a writer more blessing to come.

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