For a few dollars more.

Nightlife could be the right life
If you’re willing to sacrifice.
B always has a plan
This one involves a skinny dude
Overseen by a large man.
Actually, make that two
I see the other from the corner of my eye Barely in my view.

Getting him to the room is the goal but how is the challenge. “If you slip these two pills in his drink, we will have the advantage,” B said.

Don’t move too fast, don’t move funny. You have to be quick and calm to get his money. Left foot, right foot, one foot in front of the other. I put my request in with the bartender to distract this brother

“Double vodka on the rocks” Be sneaky, like a fox.

I tapped my glass to get his attention
His flirtatious smile parted and begin to mention. He just had to know
Why a beautiful woman like me
Is it a club, solo.

I smiled but my response was interrupted by an altercation.
Two men arguing was the situation
It was also my time to do the crime.

Two pills in his drink, they dissolved quick. After the altercation, we continued our conversation as he started to get dizzy and slur in his speech.

He asked, “What’s your name?”
– Mercy, someone you never wanted to meet.

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