The Skylar Story

If you were to have asked me if I am searching for the right one, my answer would probably be a big NO. Instead of saying that I’m looking for the “right one” I will just say that “I am waiting until the night time decides to let him step into the light of my world” I know, it sounds crazy or like I am a hopeless romantic. Well, Maybe, I am… a bit. Just a part of me because I still believe that people will still hurt you someone out there is probably “making some changes” in his life, just for me to accept him wholeheartedly. It might deceive me, or he might regret those changes that he made because it’s not who he truly is. Just stay who you are or make the changes for you. It’s just a matter of perfect timing for me and I’m not willing to settle for less I’ve also been “making some changes” in my life and my insecurities about love, and quite unsure if any man might want me at this stage of life. But everything changed once I met Adrian. I remember the day we met like it was yesterday I was so intimidated by his confidence and boldness. Then, I noticed how genuinely kind you were. I was afraid you were too good to be true. I saw all those women that wanted him, and I felt so blessed that he chose me; everything moved so fast who knew within 3 weeks we would be here today. It was like love at first sight but I always believe that the people we love we have loved in our past different name same game. They always give the impression that love is what they want and I really thought you we different. I remember bragging to my best friend Michelle and her telling me she “was so happy for me” I found it strange how Y’all lived in the same building but never saw each other beforehand but I never thought too much of it but I should have known it was too good to be true but, now I’m standing here as my hands shake uncontrollably bracing for what I was about to do.

“Skylar baby please put the gun down. Let’s talk about this. It’s not what it looks like,” Adrian said reaching for his pants. I looked at his naked body and became mad again. All I could think was he really put his penis in my friend. Before I knew it the gun went off. Without even realizing my aim had switched from his head to his genitals. His face froze instantly but he was still breathing. Michelle was now screaming in terror pleading for me to stop. I moved my aim to his head and pulled the trigger once again. When his stomach stopped moving I pulled two more bullets out my purse and threw it in the corner. My white tank top was now covered in sweat, makeup and blood splatter. Unfortunately, Michelle was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was going to have to suffer as well. I reloaded my gun and aimed at her. She too did me dirty by sleeping with my man after I gave her a job. Women like her made me sick so one bullet was reserved for her. After watching her cry and plead for five minutes I pulled the trigger. Blue and red lights were now glowing through the window and the sound of sirens pierced my ears. I wiped my face and took one final gulp. Thoughts of losing myself in a man and this fallacy called love brought the gun closer to my head. I looked at the mess in front of me as I pulled the trigger.

6 thoughts on “The Skylar Story

  1. I really enjoyed this short story! Painted a vivid picture and told a relatable story! Love does make people do crazy things! Keep up the awesome work stay blessed!


  2. Love this story your work is always great while having you at the edge of your seat to know what will happen next can’t wait to get next books you will release on amazon prime soon 👍🏾


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